June 2017


Are you going through the day from task to task until you hit your bed to sleep?
Or are you connected with yourself and aware of your breath, body sensations and observing what’s happening within yourself and the framework of your body?

With the evolution, a big proportion of human beings became human doers focused on reacting on what is happening on a specific moment or worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow, with a lack of self-connection.

Transitioning from human doer to a human being is a real shift. A big proportion of our population spends most of the day trapped in their thoughts, social media, and information consumption. This makes it very difficult to reconnect with who they are, what they love and focus on the most important things in life, based on their values and purpose.

Ask yourself, what is the altitude you are flying at?

It is very helpful to be aware of the altitude you are flying to so you can gravitate from being on the task on hand to a higher dimension where you can see the bigger picture, where you can be aware of yourself, the important things, where you can take control of situations rather than situations controlling you.

Altitude and your breath are important, especially in challenging scenarios. How many times has your heart has raced and as consequence your breath? Did you know you can control that by becoming aware of your breath and getting out of your body and observing yourself like you are a 3rd person looking at you from a higher altitude? Boom! In that moment you have taken full control of the situation, as you are able to observe and participate.

Be the one who determines your life agenda. Focus on what is important and be connected to the breath.

How playful can you be with your breath awareness?

We are prisoners of our belief systems.  I was astonished when I discovered you can achieve what you desire, by changing your beliefs.

The beliefs are like filters very ingrained at a subconscious level which dictate how we perceive the world. Our beliefs are determined by where we are born, the culture where we grow up, what our parents told us to believe and not believe, the media that we are getting exposed to, what they told us we could or not could not do and all this set up our standards.

We only see what we believe. These prejudices influence us by not allowing us to see the invisible. It’s invisible until you make it visible by changing the lenses through how we see life and what we focus on.

What we believe determines what we are paying attention to. Aligned to this if we change our beliefs, we will start raising our consciousness and start seeing and paying attention to things that seem impossible.

What experiences are constantly denied to you because your consciousness operates at too low a level? What experiences and goals are denied because of limiting beliefs and fear?Conquering fear by facing it is the essence of raising your consciousness.

Here are few tips on how to raise your consciousness:

  • Make the intention to pay attention to those limiting beliefs, understanding when fear comes to play and pay attention to the inner voices. Note the limiting thoughts when they are arising, along with the emotions that they trigger and look retrospectively to understand what is the cause of those limiting beliefs so you are honest with yourself.
  • Have the courage to face the fears. The more fears you face, the more conscious you become. Worry next to fear is a self-perpetuating cycle that creates enormous stress
  • Practicing compassion is key. Ask yourself which advice you would give to your best friend if he/she was in the same situation?
  • Surround yourself with high conscious people which will help to raise your horizons and standards.
  • Energy will raise consciousness. Take care of your body, have restorative sleep, be mindful of the food you eat and practice mindfulness.

Your level of consciousness will determine the big questions and answers in your life.

Make this week a conscious intention to understand the worry wars happening in your mind. You can stop when you are aware of it.