From a very early age I was a very shy girl, my mum would give me money to buy sweets but it was too scary to go by myself.
I would sit in my room and just observe my toys, I didn’t play to not make a mess.
I started drawing on the walls of the house, so my parents allocated me a playing room where I could draw and create ’beauty’ as much as I wanted…
Before I knew, I became a teenager, I wanted to go out to explore and to understand who I was.  This is what I call the first beautiful transformation of my life. From shy to brave, from tidy to organised chaos, from home based to street, but within I was always looking for inspiration, curiosity and exploration.

At 18 I started an engineering degree, full of maths, chemistry and physics and number connections. After, I did food science and technology – that filled my curiosity at the atom and molecular level of food and nutrition. I was also doing private lessons to students so I could be more  ‘financially independent’ towards feeding what, in that time, beautiful meant to me; dresses, parties, having fun, jewelry, art, beautifully created food and much more. Also, I was helping students to shine by teaching math’s and physic’s private lessons but I didn’t share with them all the inspiration that I can share with you today…

At 25 I decided to explore the globe, to live elsewhere outside Spain, where I  grew up and learned to be passionate and full of FIRE.
I moved to London.  I didn’t speak English, didn’t understand British people and of course neither their sarcasm!!
I didn’t have friends or family but there was something inside that drove me to do it. Every day was a beautiful adventure, full of inspiration, a sense of freedom, lightness and full of excitement…. Here comes my second transformation. Inspiration, curiosity, cultural diversion, exploration, beautiful experiences, fun and the most important one: I got to know myself. The start of my evolution.

Since then, it has been a magnificent inspiring journey, full of highs and lows (both as pampering), learnings, experiences and achievements.  I connected with towering personalities and with a huge bunch of amazing and diverse people. I traveled around the world, which opened my mind to huge possibilities and diversion of opinions.

After the first year in London working in retail, I started my 1st professional job in engineering, then I took the risk and moved to marketing.
I have been in the corporate world for 10 years. I learned to connect brands with customers and to connect myself with individuals.  I have worked for start-ups and for big global corporations. From 0 to delivering public speeches to whole company’s audience in a foreign language. 11 years ago, it would have been a scary thought but this is possible by stepping up, setting a new standard and removing limiting beliefs.

A huge connecting adventure, that I call, LIFE.  Because everything is impermanent, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you FOCUS.

I recently realised how important it is to understand the concept of impermanence.  I feel I am at the pinnacle what I call my 3rd eye-opening transformation which has mindfulness at its core and that started 6 years ago. I want to keep it alive as an infinite journey.
I would like to maintain this growth, this inspiration, this electricity, keep transforming, keep reinventing, being present and finding beauty and gratefulness every day in my life, channeling the fire with focus and spread this energy to the world as the only constant is change and every change leads you to new opportunities.

This is the goal for this blog and hence its name: Unmasking Fire; to create magic moments by being the catalyst and an eye opener to unmask peoples fire and to enhance the ones that already discovered theirs, to elevate peoples vibration by creating a shift. To give, share, to connect and ultimately to help others to transform.

What is your story? How do you see beauty? How connected are you to the world? And with yourself? Everyone has a story; please share yours with the world….